Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

Inexpensive versions of products are sometimes inferior to full-priced ones. But sometimes they are sold for less because of the way they are brought to the customer. This is true of cheap bathroom wall tiles as it is for many things if you can find them from an online supplier who does not run a show room, you can get great quality products for less money. Without the overheads of a shop to pay, vendors can legitimately lower prices, not quality.

Extra information about cheap bathroom wall tiles

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

An entire house can be covered in tiles from one room to the next, so make a specifically bathroom-related search. Some websites are more helpful than others at allowing the reader to narrow down this search while others provide some categorization when you click on an item. Here are some thoughts to consider.

Is this a high or low-traffic bathroom? For instance, will the bathroom in question be used as your main showerbathtooth-brushing location or is it a guest bathroom utilized a few times yearly?

What is your priority style or ease of cleaning? The more seams you have to deal with, the more chance there is of mould building up. Do you have a colour scheme in mind? Some tiles are only available in a limited range of tones. Will these tiles cover the wall alone or also the floor? Are you hoping to emulate other materials in your choice of tiles, such as wood or brick? Think about the relative fragilityhardiness of materials in rooms where kids will be dumping sports equipment. Plan for a peaceful atmosphere in a bathroom set apart for relaxation and contemplation.

Choices of Tiles

Now that you have some idea of where to start, whittle away at the hundreds of options in front of you by selecting a material like porcelain, quartz, marble, or travertine. Opt for limestone, glass, or granite. Now pick out a colour or range of shades. Red, for instance, is available as moon, flame, Metro, gloss, or ruby among others.

Tiles are cut into numerous sizes and orientations from squares to rectangles and even mosaic-style "fragments." There are bathroom tiles composed of pre-set small mosaic tiles and big pieces covering over a foot square. Sizes and prices will be shown in meters-square.

A number of bathroom tiles are set aside as borders for areas of design as opposed to function. If you have opted to cover the room in muted but functional cream, beige, or pearl, these borders supply a compromise a splash of colour, maybe a slightly higher price, added to an otherwise inexpensive and practical plan for your bathroom. Other colours you might see are misty pink, copper, maroon, bronze, and burgundy, but there are more shades of bathroom tiles than you can name.

Some tiles are textured so as to prevent slipping. A number of products resemble natural stone, wood, or bricks, but they are made from porcelain or ceramic. Several lines have been inspired by British architectural icons and periods of style from the past, but with modern twists to catch a contemporary eye.